Since the moment we arrive at Carolina, we each form a path to graduation and further success. This path looks very different for each person.

Many of my friends were accepted to Carolina right out of high school and have been here since, utilizing resources like peer tutoring to receive extra help with some of their classwork, or Study Abroad to discover where in the world they can explore their academics.

I was not accepted to Carolina after high school. In fact, I attended three colleges before UNC, so I use different resources than many of my friends. I use Academic Advising extensively to ensure that I will graduate on time, because it’s harder for transfer students. The Learning Center has helped me with academic struggles I experience because of my ADHD. Counseling and Psychological Services has helped me during stressful times of the year.
You don’t just have to graduate from Carolina, you can Thrive while you’re here — and there are so many resources available to you that can help. These resources are as much about your academic success as they are about your emotional wellbeing. And they aren’t only for students who that are struggling: Anyone can benefit from Thrive@Carolina.

–Hannah Macie, Class of 2017

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