Sophomore transfer Michelle Dixon had not been to UNC until she moved in for her first semester, but that wasn’t the only challenge she faced.

With a new school comes a new workload, a new student life, and a new culture which can put any student out of their comfort zone. Especially if the student is from a different college, from a different state.

“I had never visited the campus at all,” Michelle said, explaining that visiting all the schools she’d been accepted to would have been costly.

She made her decision to attend UNC based off of interactions she had with the University — “They really made me feel welcome,” she said.

Michelle continued to face adversity after she got settled at UNC, but she never wavered.

“Academically, it’s a big transition,” she said. “In high school and community college, everything kind of came easy to me. I didn’t really have trouble with school. But coming here, it’s definitely a bigger workload; I’m reading almost every day. I like it, though. I kind of like the challenge because I feel like I’d never been challenged that much.”

One the more difficult times came when Michelle realized that Chapel Hill had different social characteristics than her hometown of Miami.

“I would have to say there’s a big culture difference. In Miami, it was very diversified, and here it’s a predominantly white college,” she said. Michelle wrote about her transition regarding diversity in the Daily Tar Heel.

“It’s hard times, and it’s definitely great times, but overall, I’m happy I’m here because it’s helping me go with the fact that Miami was kind of a bubble and this is the real world, and what you have to deal with. I think that’s extremely great, because you want that challenge in life to help you grow.”

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