You’ve just received an Academic Progress Report (APR) — What does this mean?

APRs are comments entered by instructors regarding a student’s academic performance in a given course. APRs can include positive or constructive feedback. Here are some types of constructive comments that students may receive:

Assignment/Homework Concern

Class Participation Concern

Quiz/Examination Concern

Writing Skills Concern

General Concern

Immediate Action Suggested


Never Attended

Intermittent Attendance

Stopped Attending


Good Class Participation

Keep Up Good Work

Showing Improvement

Outstanding Performance


What’s next?

If students receive an APR with constructive feedback, they should take action as soon as possible. Students are encouraged to:

  • Check the Academic Progress Report email for specific recommendations from their instructor.
  • Meet with their instructor to discuss recommendations mentioned in the APR.
  • If necessary, explore campus resources that may be able to provide additional help. Here are a few:

Academic Advising Program

Accessibility Resources and Service

Counseling and Psychological Services

Learning Center

Undergraduate Retention

Writing Center


For a complete list of resources, please visit For Students.

To learn more about APRs and resources to help you succeed, visit Progress Reports – Information for Students.  For detailed information on the progress reports, please review these Frequently Asked Questions.