Through a process involving students, faculty, and staff, UNC-Chapel Hill has developed the following definition of student success, which has been endorsed by Faculty Council and by every school and college of the University.

UNC-Chapel Hill believes all admitted students can thrive in college, graduate, and grow into lifelong learners.

We believe student success includes:
1. Exploring and growing intellectually
2. Engaging in meaningful activities, roles, and relationships
3. Appreciating diverse perspectives as well as developing one’s own identity
4. Cultivating a sense of purpose or vocation
5. Developing social and emotional skills

We believe success is likely in an environment:
1. Promoting a growth mindset understanding of intelligence
2. Fostering self-advocacy and resiliency
3. Encouraging academic excellence, integrity, and leadership
4. Demonstrating concern for the well-being of the whole student
5. Affirming cultural identities and advancing inclusive excellence

UNC-Chapel Hill wants every student to make steady academic progress and graduate on time. But success does not look exactly the same for every student. There are different pathways to success.

We believe students succeed when they:
1. Take full advantage of the breadth and depth of our curriculum
2. Set academic and personal goals
3. Take responsibility for their education, choices, and decisions

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