In July 2013, the 21st Century Vision Committee on Access and Completion of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recommended “a focused, University-wide effort to foster a culture of success and completion for all students.”

The committee also recommended that the University… establish—and within ten years achieve—the goal of leading all public universities in the Association of American Universities (AAU) in four- and six-year graduation rates for undergraduate students by enhancing coordinated support services and by eliminating disparities in retention and graduation rates for students of all races, ethnicities, incomes, abilities, and educational backgrounds.

In January 2014, in an announcement that coincided with the White House Summit on College Access and Success, Chancellor Carol Folt committed the University to such a campus-wide effort. In March 2014, Provost Jim Dean convened a working group of retention leaders from various University departments and charged them with quickly developing rough options for implementing the commitment of Chancellor Folt and the recommendations of the 21st Century Vision Committee.

We believe students benefit the most when they take full advantage of the breadth and depth of our curriculum and succeed when they set academic and personal goals and are empowered to take responsibility for their education, choices, and decisions. Student success at UNC-Chapel Hill advances higher learning and discovery as well as individual competency development and academic achievement.

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